What Makes Estancia Resort One of the Top Green Valley Utah Hotels?

Staying in Southern Utah can be a bit of a challenge if you’re undecided on what the right place might be. However, west of the city is the area known as Green Valley, and in these beautiful condos, you’ll find everything you might need for a comfortable and practical stay.

It goes without saying, of course, that Estancia Resort is one of the top Green Valley Utah Hotels, but if there’s any elaboration required, then we’re more than happy to give you a few reasons as to why this is the case.

Estancia Resort is a Top Green Valley Utah Hotel Because:

It's Perfectly Located:

Most people travel to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and it would be a shame to go all the way to Southern Utah, book a place and find it to be located in a busy and loud location.

Well, Estancia Resort has the privilege of being nestled in a beautiful secluded location, perfect for those who wish to get away from all the noise and enjoy a nice trip to a nice hotel that not only provides all the comfort, but also the convenience of being close to all the important locations, and the tranquility of seclusion.

estancia resort landscape views

It Has Beautiful Views:

Part of the reason to visit St George is the beautiful views the Southern Utah landscape provides you, and it makes sense that one of the best resorts in the area gives you gorgeous views of the mountains and stunning landscapes featuring these rolling valleys.

Natural beauty can be seen all around Utah, staying in Estancia Resort ensures you’ll have the beauty of the Beehive State in front of you all the time!

You Get All Amenities and Fun Activities:

Part of travel includes comforts for the whole family. It’s more than just about beds and baths, you always have to go for what’s beyond! Each of our units has everything you might need including a washer and dryer, laundry services, full kitchens, central air conditioning, wireless internet, BBQ Grills, swimming pools, and more.

estancia family activities
Estancia Resort Amenities

 When you stay in our suites, you’re staying for comfort and not just for practicality. As for activities in our resort, everything St George has to offer will be close by from you, from going on some amazing hikes near St George, to playing golf, playing tennis, and riding on ATVs through fun trails and landscapes. Truly, your family’s fun will only be limited by how long they will stay!

You'll Be Greeted by Friendly Staff:

The staff at our resort has the purpose of making your stay go as smoothly and as enjoyably as possible. This means being there for you whenever you need it, keeping the facilities in tip-top shape, and answering any questions or concerns you might have!

It goes without saying that part of a good hospitable experience is the service you get when you visit the place, and everyone from the reservations team to the staff on location will make sure you have nothing to worry about!


The Suites Are Large And Comfortable:

Moreso than the qualities of the amenities or the staff, the rooms are themselves a  fabulous place to stay due to their fantastic spacing and design. The best hotels in Green Valley are those you know you can actually stretch your legs in, and we do not disappoint in that regard.

Part of what makes for a relaxing stay is laying on a nice bed with some nice sheets. However, Estancia Resort goes beyond those expectations to provide you with a well-designed space that’s large and comfortable to fit the whole family and feel like an actual home away from home.

So, given all these reasons, you can be certain that if you’re looking for a top Green Valley Utah hotel, Estancia Resort should definitely be at the top of your list! You can visit this page to learn more about our suites and what we have to offer!

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