Pioneer Park in St George

Planning a trip to Utah is also planning a visit to one of the numerous National & State Parks, and there isn’t a better city to go to in Southern Utah than St George! All the red rocks that you can admire on your way there will become an unforgettable memory.

Zion National ParkBryce Canyon National Park and many other parks are very famous around the visitors but if you want to plan a family outdoor adventure ideal for every member of the family, Pioneer Park in St George must be your first choice. It’s very close to downtown, just a 13 minutes drive from Estancia Resort.

Pioneer Park Information

In the next few lines, we have some important information you should know before visiting, as well as some tips to get the full Pioneer Park experience. Get ready to explore Pioneer Park in Utah with us!

Pioneer Park in St. George Location

The park is located at 375 E Red Hills Pkwy St. George, UT 84770. It will take you about 8 minutes to get there from St George’s downtown area or around 15 minutes to get there from our resort. We recommended you take your car because there is a parking lot big enough to fit more than 100 cars. A taxi from the downtown area generally costs between $ 10 and $13 on a weekday.

Pioneer Park Hours & Facilities

Luckily for all visitors, the park is open from 6 AM to 10 PM, allowing you to explore all day long from Monday To Sunday. In case you are wondering about the Pioneer Park fee, we have great news:There isn’t one! it’s totally free, no matter how many people or what day!

There is only one bathroom station, and it isn’t that close to the main entrance or Dixie so consider it if you are visiting with young kids. 

You will find a drinking fountain at the park, but we recommend that each visitor take a bottle of water if they are planning to stay for a long time or if they plan on any Pioneer hike.

If you arrive by car there isn’t going to be a problem because the park has 2 parking lots with plenty of space to fit a lot of cars.

Also, before reaching Dixie Rock, you can enjoy some snacks and rest a little bit because they do have some public picnic tables. They are a little dirty, so make sure to bring some wipes to clean them if you plan to rest.

Things To Do in Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park has 52-acres to explore! It’s often referred to as a paradise for climbers and hikers because of the numerous rocks and all of the incredible views. The main hiking attraction here is Dixie Rock or Sugarloaf. Whatever you want to call it, it’s still the same fun and exciting adventure.

Another fun activity to do here is to explore the Boy Scout Cave. This is a very popular activity, especially among kids. If you want more information about these attractions, we have some extra information in the next few paragraphs.

For all climbers and boulders , this park will be a true paradise. There are tons of great rock climbing routes and all of them are free! The difficulties range from 5.9–5.11d for climbs and V0-V6 for boulders, a route for every level!

While hiking, you should take your time to admire and take some incredible pictures of the arches there. These amazing rock formations have been here for millions of years. The best part is that you can find them all over the park. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Pioneer Park Campground, so it’s better to plan a visit as a one-day trip, or if you want to explore the park for longer, you should consider booking a vacation rental in St George.

Main Attractions

  • Dixie Rock

Probably the most popular hike to try here at Pioneer Park in Utah! Dixie Rock or Sugarloaf as it used to be called, is a huge red rock that stands out and provides one of the best views in the city of St George. If you are visiting with kids, The Dixie Hike is very easy and everyone can do it.

To help you reach the top, there are some rock stairs that will be really helpful; There is also a bridge that connects the two huge rocks for your convenience. Fortunately, you have easy and direct access to the trail and you can even park close to the rock. You can also try accessing the main entrance by the Red Hills Desert Garden, but it can take you between 1-2 hours depending on the speed and stops.
boy scout cave st george
  • Boy Scout Cave

This is definitely one of the most popular attractions in the park! It’s ideal to visit with kids because a cave is always a fun place to explore. Did you know it used to be used as a campsite for a long time?? This pioneering structure is normally crowded with families and kids, but you should still consider checking it out because it is well worth the crowds. It will take you approximately 1 hour to complete. Our favorite part is definitely the chimney at the end. We love to imagine how this structure was used in the past!

  • Pioneer Hills- Red Cliff Desert Reserve

This area is part of the Red Cliff Desert Reserve here at Pioneer Park and is mostly known for the Pioneer Hills trail and the variety of flowers and wildlife that live here. The Pioneer Hills trail is a great 1.4-mile hiking trail for kids and pets, so if you are planning a family hike you should consider it. Like the rest of the Pioneer Park attractions, the red rock and sand gives this trail a unique style that you won’t find in other parks. The trail is just 2.8-miles away from St George.
Pioneer-Hills- Red-Cliff-Desert Reserve
Pioneer-Slot-Canyon-pioneer park
  • Pioneer Slot Canyon
Easy and fun slot canyon we can recommend in Southern Utah! Some people categorize this as a hike, but we like to describe it as a short slot canyon to try with the whole family on your next visit to St George. The best part is that this slot canyon is located right by one of the parking lots with easy access. It is a very narrow slot canyon where only one person can fit at a time. It generally takes about 30 minutes to complete because it is only 0.1 miles in length.
  • Arches

While trying to access the Dixie trail (if you try coming through the main entrance), you will be able to explore the park and find two incredible arches! We recommended going this way because it is closer to the arches and the views are awesome!! These rock formations are amazing! Here you can find some great spots that are perfect for taking pictures! To reach them you will probably need to walk near the cliff, but with extra caution there is no need to worry.

There are also a few attractions that are very close to the park, that you should consider doing if you have the time. Here are some additional attractions you can find close to Pioneer Park. Check them out and plan a whole day here!
  • Red Hills Parkway Trail
Toall bikers and hikers who want to start their St George journey with a fun and challenging trail, the Red Hills Parkway Trail is going to fit you perfectly. Either way, up or down, you are going to want to take some time to admire the incredible views that this trial has to offer. You will also be able to see the Dixie rock while biking or walking through. It is 3.6 miles long, and the whole trail has been paved.
  • Red Hills Desert Garden

If you already finished your family hike in Pioneer Park and have some extra time, we highly recommend visiting the Red Hills Desert Garden.

red hills desert garden st george ut
red hills desert garden st george utah
It was the first desert conservation garden in Utah. This garden is home to a lot of wildlife, a 1,150-foot stream, 6 unique fish species, and more than 4,500 water-efficient plants. In the nearly 5 acres, you can also see a slot canyon replica and prehistoric dinosaur tracks. This garden is great for the whole family, not just the kids. For more information, check out their website: Red Hills Desert Garden.

Frequent Questions About Pioneer Park

  • Are Dogs Allowed at Pioneer Park Utah?

The answer is Y-E-S!! If you have a furry friend that likes to go on hikes this park is for you! Pack your things and grab your dog and go explore Pioneer Park, all dogs are allowed to enter on all trails but they must be on a leash and have their identify tags. 


It’s super fun to see them, no matter what time of the day you will always find some furry friends enjoying the fresh air with their humans. Just consider that summer and early spring can be very hot for them, with not many shadows to rest. We took some pictures because they were so adorable exploring the place!

  • How Do you Get to the Crack?

One of the most popular reasons to visit the park apart from Dixie Rock is the Crack, which is an extremely narrow split in the rock that runs for about 40 yards. if you want to visit and go directly there you must look for the back part of Pioneer Park. Is very easy to find it!

  • How Long is the Dixie Rock hike?

Depending on where you start the hike and if you want to go directly there, it will take you approximately 40-45 minutes to reach the top but if you want to explore a little bit more the park and go through Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, a Boy Scout Cave, and slot canyons it might take you approximately 2 or 3 hours depending on your rhythm.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about the incredible Pioneer Park in St George, Utah.  Explore Southern Utah while staying with us, contact us if you need a place to stay.

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