Southern Utah ATV Trails and Adventures

The beauty of St. George is found in its amazing red rock scenery. Many visitors each year use ATVs and 4x4s to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Southern Utah

Estancia Resort is the ideal place to stay if you are coming to St. George to enjoy some trail riding. The property is located close to a number of trails and it is the perfect place to come back to after an enjoyable day in the sun.

ATV Trails and Riding Areas

Sand Mountain Trail

Sand Mountain

Trailhead: Located about an hour from Estancia Resort, Sand Mountain is an open off road area that is famous for its incredible sand dunes. It is located near Sand Hollow State Park and is best accessed from Hurricane. Rangers do require mandatory whip flags (and the local Rangers do frequent the area). You can pay for either a week pass or an annual pass at the on-site fee station, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are free. There are plenty of trails of varying difficulty that riders of all skill levels will enjoy

Gold Strike Trail

Gold Strike

Trailhead: From Interstate 15, take Exit 6. Turn north onto Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd. (State Route 8). Continue on Sunset Blvd. as it turns into Santa Clara Drive and then Old Highway 91. Continue on Old Highway 91 (through Ivins, and past Kayenta) until reaching the intersection to Gunlock Reservoir. Turn right towards Gunlock on County Road 2184. At the turnoff into Gunlock State Park, mark your mileage. Drive four miles further and turn left onto a dirt road. Drive 1.2 miles and park in the open area on the side of the road.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate due to having both maintained and non-maintained roads, short road segments that may be affected by flooding and due to its length.
  • Miles: Approximately 60 miles
  • Area Map 
Joshua Tree trail

Joshua Tree

Trailhead: From Interstate 15 take Exit 6. Turn north onto Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd. (State Route 8). Continue on Sunset Blvd. as it turns into Santa Clara Drive and then Old Highway 91. Continue on Old Highway 91 (through Ivins, and past Kayenta) until reaching the intersection to Gunlock Reservoir. Do not turn, but mark your mileage. Travel 9 miles and turn right onto a well maintained gravel road (Motoqua Road). Travel 9.3 miles to Manganese Spring and find a safe place to park.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate due to having both maintained and non-maintained roads, short road segments that may be affected by flooding and due to its length.
  • Miles: Approximately 60 miles
  • Area Map
Warner Valley OHV Trails

Warner Valley OHV Trails

Warner Valley is located about 13 miles southeast of     St. George, Utah. This riding destination offers hundreds of miles of single track trails, sand trails, washes, dirt roads, and two track OHV trails. The red cliffs to the north of Warner Valley are actually the top of Sand Hollow State Park. You can get to Sand Hollow by riding north, along the west side of the cliffs. You’ll find a sand trail that heads east up the cliffs and onto the top of Sand Hollow.

Curly Hollow Trail

Curly Hollow

Trailhead: From Interstate 15, take Exit 4. Enter the roundabout and exit onto Pioneer Road. Turn right onto Man of War Road. Turn left onto South Bloomington Drive. Turn left onto Navajo Drive. Follow Navajo Drive to its end (at the cattle guard it turns into a dirt road). After passing the cattle guard and the detention basin on the right, travel 2.5 miles on the graded dirt road and park in the open area on the left.

  • Difficulty: Intermediate due to one short section that requires extra caution.
  • Miles: Approximately 35 miles
  • Area Map
Hell Hole Pass

Hell Hole Pass

Hell Hole Pass is one of only a few small dirt roads that cross the Beaver Dam Mountains. It’s an excellent 7.9 mile trail that leaves Old US 91 south of the Shivwits Indian Reservation and immediately winds its way up toward the pass.

Southern Utah ATV: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Difference between ATV & UTV

st george atv rentals
utv rentals st george

An ATV is ideal for single-riders for 1or 2 people and is more focused on recreational riding while a UTV offers a lower center of gravity and is a better option for seating more people on a single vehicle. 

  • Do you need a special license to ride an ATV?

You do not need to have a special ATV license, but you must have a driver’s license. Also, people under 21 years old aren’t allowed to drive by themselves.

  • Do I need to Purchase Insurance for an ATV?

Normally, all the ATV companies already include insurance on the final price but also there are some companies that make you pay some extra to add the insurance. For adventure activities, it is better that you hire a company that already includes it or pay some extra for your safety.

  • What is the size of an ATV?

When compared to other vehicles, ATVs are smaller than others but at the same time are more physically challenging because you need your whole body to steer and control the vehicle. Most ATVs are between 80 to 85 inches.

  • When is the best time to go on an ATV ride?

You can go to any Southern Utah ATV trails at any time of the year, but it’s recommended to go in spring or autumn because the sand is perfect, not too hard like in winter and it’s not too hot like in summer.

  • Is there an Age Limit to Ride an ATV?

On ATVs, kids must be older than 12 years old to ride with adults; on the other hand, off-road vehicles can be ridden by kids older than 5 years old. Pregnant women for precaution should ride any vehicle. 

  • What clothes should you wear when riding an ATV?

atv gear
atv riding gear

It’s normally recommended comfortable clothing, nothing too bulky or too tight, but you should use a good pair of boots or sneakers, it’s easier for your feet to stay firmly at the pedals.

  • What is the Biggest Area To Ride ATV and UTV in St George?

The best areas to have an ATV adventure in St George are Sand Hollow State Park and Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. At Sand Hollow, you’ll enjoy more than 20,000 acres of sand and at Coral Pink Sand Dunes more than 3,730 acres.

  • Are there Certified ATV Companies in Utah?

Yes, of course! You will find a lot of companies and most of them should show the certification on their local and their website. If you need some help, here are 2 companies in Southern Utah that offer the best vehicles and service. 

Tips For Your Ride at the St George UTV Trails

Riding an ATV and UTV rentals are one of the >most popular activities to try while in St George, Utah; it’s an exciting and adventurous activity that’s why if you’re planning to try it we have some tips to help you on your next ride. 
  1. Wear the Appropriate Gear: Never get on an ATV or UTV rental without a helmet, if you’re hiring an ATV rental company they must provide a helmet and some goggles. If they can provide these items, especially the helmet, you should ride with them. Also, it’s recommended to wear boots or a good pair of sneakers. 
  2. Practice your Riding Posture: Listen carefully to your instructor on which is the best posture while driving, this is important because if you have the right posture your body will help distribute weight equally and you won’t fall.
  3. Never Ride Alone: This tip becomes very important if it’s your first time on an ATV rental or it’s your first time on a UTV trail near St George Utah. The trail can be very tricky and you might end up having some troubles or an accident, that’s why it is important that you have this adventure with some friends, family or an instructor. 
  4. Go Slow at First: We know that as soon as you start riding you’ll get all the adrenaline on your body and will feel like a professional but you should take into consideration that each trial is different and has many rocks and it might be dangerous if you hit one. 
  5. Practice Before Hitting the Trail: if you’re hiring an ATV rental company, they are probably going to teach you how to stop, shift, use the clutch, and all of the other ATV basics. Try to practice some moves before hitting the road. It’s important for your safety.
  6. Follow the Route: The best option is to hire a company because they have instructors that will take the whole group on a safe and fun route. Either way you should always follow the route. 

Best Areas to get an ATV Rental in Southern Utah

sand hollow st george

Sand Hollow Area

This is the biggest area in St George Utah for adventure enthusiasts. Over the years, the Sand Hollow area has become a hot spot not only for ATVs but for many off-road adventurers. More than 15,000 acres of perfectly sculpted dunes to enjoy some amazing rides and amazing sights at this park. Many trails and free sand dunes areas to pick from! 

Sand Hollow State Park is located 13 miles east of St George, even if you don’t want to use the other facilities of the park you must pay an entry fee and in case you hire any ATV company, they will probably already charge the fee on the final price, ask before hiring. The park is open all year round, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can also try camping, golfing, fishing, swimming, and picnicking. 

Warner Valley Area

The Warner Valley area is a great place if you like dirt bikes and ATVs since it’s an open riding area with many dry sandy washes that interconnect to make some fun loops for you to explore all day long. This area has 2 great locations for an ATV adventure, the Warner Valley and Sand Mountain OHV.
warner valley utah

But that’s not the only thing to do here, like in other areas, you can also try biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and birdwatching. Add more fun to your trip. It’s open all year long, except for the campground that remains closed, and no date for re-open.

red cliffs utah

Red Cliffs Area

The Red Cliff trail has an area with sandy routes that are fun and challenging. You will be riding over beautiful desert landscapes, red rock ridges, and mountains. As a bonus, you can also visit the Virgin River at the old ghost town of Babylon with Indian Petroglyphsalong the way. To enter this area there is a $5 fee per vehicle and $15 per camping night.

To complete your adventure getaway, you can go hiking! The amazing desert textures, colors, views, and more are a must-do. This area is located 8.2 miles from St George, very close, and is one of the most visited areas here.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Located close to the southeast of Zion National Park, the Coral Pink Sand Dunes on this park will offer you 1,000 acres of coral-hued sand with peaks that can fluctuate up to 50 feet a year. It’s an area filled with adventure!

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Apart from enjoying a day exploring the dunes on an ATV, you can also take some time to sled down the dunes. It’s a very fun activity to do, although you might have to rent a board. There is no entry fee if you are just going to the dunes but you will have to pay $8 to access the visitor entrance and nature trail.

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